Smarter Performance Academy, a tailored training program created by Team GB coach Will Lintern and strength and conditioning specialist Alan Dean, with the help of former Team GB Head coach and manager Liam Carroll, has just launched its online program, tailored for players aged 16+ but also accessible to younger players who want to get more serious about their development.

The programme will feature:

  • 16-week training programme delivered to your computer or mobile device via the app TrainHeroic.
  • A dedicated private Facebook group where you can interact with coaches and other SP Online Academy members for support, guidance and additional tips
  • A throwing and pitching programme designed by Will Lintern
  • A strength and conditioning programme designed by Alan Dean
  • Liam Carroll former Great Britain National Team Manager has written the hitting programme
  • E-Learning modules and online classroom sessions through the Facebook Group

Who is the programme for?

Anyone who is 16 years or older on Monday the 14th December who wants to take their offseason training serious can join. You should be prepared to put in 1-2 hours of training a week 5-6 days per week spread across hitting, throwing and strength and conditioning.

When does it start?

  • Registration will open on Sunday 29th November
  • Onboarding where we explain how to use TrainHeroic and cover any questions will start on Monday 7th December
  • All Online Academy members will receive their training programmes via the TrainHeroic app on Monday 14th December

What equipment will you need?

You should have access to a gym and be able to throw with a partner or into a net. So you will need some baseballs. For the hitting sessions, you will need a bat, a tee and some balls (tennis or wiffle balls). If you are hitting baseballs, then we would recommend you have a net you can hit into.

We also suggest that you have a set of sand filled plyo/pilates balls for throwing and hitting. Weights can vary, but we frequently use 450g and 900g balls, these would be sufficient for the programme.

If you don't have the equipment or aren't able to get it by the end of December, then this programme probably isn't for you.

How much does it cost, and how do I book?

Membership to the SP Online Academy will cost £157. That's less than £10 per week!

We're offering an early bird discount of £147 for anyone who books by Friday 4th December.

There is a 14-day no questions asked cancellation policy from when you start the programme. So you could do all the onboarding, train with us for two weeks and if at the end you realise this isn't the right programme for you we will refund you (minus a small admin fee).

My son or daughter is under-16 is can they join?

Due to the nature of the programme being gym based and that we are setting up a Facebook group with players who are over 18, we felt that 16 was the right age limit to set. If your son or daughter is 15 but turns 16 before the end of the SP Online Academy on Sunday 4th April, then they may join with a parent or guardian's consent.

If your son or daughter is under 16 and they would like an online training programme this off-season, then please get in touch with Will Lintern