*Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are asking families to complete a COVID attendance form each time they attend the Scrubs.*

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A safe return to playing baseball and softball can only be enabled if we all adhere to Covid rules set out by the UK Government and the National Governing Body for Baseball (BBF) and Softball (BSF, through BSUK). We therefore need to ensure that all participants, their parents, siblings and guests, adopt the Covid Code of Conduct detailed below, which is subject to change at short notice in response to Government advice.

For the BBF's latest COVID risk assessment please click here


●    Adhere to government social distancing guidance at all times.

●    Check for symptoms of Covid-19 (e.g. a temperature, a new continuous cough, shortness of breath, loss of or change to sense of smell or taste, diarrhea or vomiting) before travelling to the Scrubs and if the player or any household member is symptomatic, refrain from attending.

●    Follow Government guidance on public transport or car-sharing (discouraged).

●    Sign In every time you visit the Scrubs using the Google sheet shared by the coach


●    Wearing a face covering or mask is strongly suggested..

●    Use hand sanitizers whenever possible.

●    Adhere to government social distancing rules at all times, on and off the field.

●    When the ball is in play: any incidental close proximity and face-to-face interactions must be kept to an absolute minimum and for the shortest time possible.

●    Coaches to share lineups electronically, not using line-up cards

●    Sharing of equipment is discouraged and if shared, items need to be disinfected immediately.

●    Helmets, gloves and mitts are never to be shared (outside your household)

●    Players are encouraged to have their own bat or at a minimum batting gloves.

●    If a player fails to reach base while batting, they must pick up their own bat (by the handle) upon leaving the field.

●    If a player gets on base while batting, the on-deck batter must remove the bat (by the barrel).

●    Each team has their own balls which need to be labelled.

●    Each team must disinfect balls after warm up and prior to each inning.

●    Only designated adults to retrieve foul balls and sanitise before returning the ball to the coach.

●    Balls used in tagged plays should be taken out of play and disinfected immediately by the defensive team before being returned to play.

●    Umpires should not handle balls, nor share equipment, including clickers or counters.

●    Catchers should wear face coverings (in addition to catcher’s mask) and be positioned a minimum of one metre (1m) behind the Batter and only approach to receive a pitched ball.

●    Umpires must wear face coverings and where possible be positioned a minimum of one metre (1m) from the catcher or player.

●    A safety line extending 2m from home plate should be marked out to allow base runners to run through minimising contacts via tag play

●    No sharing of drink containers, drinks or food (outside your household)

●    No chewing of gum or seeds, spit into glove/ mitts ot lick fingers

●    Follow “no touch rule”, refrain from high fives, handshaking, and all other physical contact

●    No cheering, shouting, loud celebrations, calling out, etc.


●    Disinfect all personal and team equipment during and after the game.

●    if socialising after the game maintain social distancing.

●    Remove your own rubbish.

●    Leave the venue whilst maintaining social distancing.

●    Report immediately any subsequent Covid-19 case of self or household to  your coach and LondonSports (up to and until 14 days after your last visit to the Scrubs)