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LondonSports Covid Information


We are all looking forward to seeing you at the Scrubs for our Spring Training sessions on April 17 and 18 and/or Opening Day on April 24.

We are all looking forward to seeing you at the Scrubs for our Spring Training sessions on April 17 and 18 and/or Opening Day on April 24.

To ensure the SAFE RETURN TO PLAY we ask that you familiarise yourselves with our Covid Protocols and hope that by erring on the side of caution and relying on an abundance of common sense that we will have a great 2021 Season.


Before travelling to the Scrubs:

  • Please ensure your ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD is assessed, not just the player, for Covid-19 symptoms.  If anyone has a fever, continuous cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, gastrointestinal issues or feels unwell, or has been exposed to anyone in the last 14 days who tested positive for Covid, do not attend the Scrubs. 
  • Complete the google form the coach will send ahead of each game day to confirm attendance and compliance with our covid code of conduct.
  • Avoid sharing travel.

When you are at the Scrubs:

  • Adhere to social distancing at all times.
  • DO NOT share equipment, food or drinks. 
  • Masking up is suggested and required for umpires and coaches.

When leaving the Scrubs:

  • Remove your rubbish.
  • Continue to practice social distancing.
  • If after attending the Scrubs any family member tests positive, notify immediately your coach and LondonSports at

Full details can be found on our website and that of the British Baseball Federation can be found here


Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please visit this link  on our webpage to get in touch.


Players are requested to have their own glove, bat and helmet to avoid sharing with others outside their family. We have created a Facebook page to find equipment from fellow families. You can also borrow helmets for the season from us by notifying us via email at


We will not have our merchandise out on display, however we continue to sell gloves, batting gloves, trousers, sweaters, socks and belts. 


As per government rules, outdoor dining is permitted following the rule of six or two households/ bubbles. When purchasing from our vendors please adhere to social distancing at all times and take any litter with you.


We are grateful to those who have continued to help us get the word out that the Scrubs is open (even the toilets) and that we will be playing softball and baseball starting next week. We have the numbers to allow for competitive play … but we always have room for more!

Thank you for your cooperation and helping the safe return to play.

See you at the Scrubs!


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